Graphic Design, Editorial Design

Neon signs: Installation artwork for THE CROWDED FEST.



“Social media seemed to help people
to have more relationships than before.
But the lonely solitude of modern life is
like the painting of Edward Hopper.
Maybe we are buried in an un-touchable life.
Now, people look more like Aldous Huxley’s imagination than George Orwell’s.
We have fallen into the things that we like and buried ourselves so that we can’t escape from it.
In particular, the development of social media is
increasingly widening the gap between
me (in the mirror) and the reality
that is seen through social media.

The purpose of this artwork is to allow the audience
to have a dialogue between “me in the mirror” and “me in the reality” through the mirror.
People might be facing the mirror draws a conversation between me and the reality
that is trapped in the frame of the mirror.
‘Real’ real conversation with me evolves into
a first step to ultimately live the ‘real’ life,
not an exaggerated or packed life in it.”